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Catégorie : Hip-Hop, Rap

Adrian Stresow - Isolated Sonnerie Lyrics

[Hook]Johnny is sun wukong

Probably better when I'm
Isolated thats when I like to get up in my zone
Everybody want to do the same thing that I'm doing
But I feel like I was chose
I can't trust nobody
Everybody wanna flex like we close
Way too many people trynna be buddy buddy
Who I don't know

[verse 1]
Only converse with the inner circle
Moving like Usain Bolt
And y'all are turtles
I just turned the tables
And overcame all the hurdles
Pulling all nighters i thought i was nocturnal (aye)
I was trying to get ahead back then
Till I realized I was already ahead back then
I was never really in it for the bread back then
But I was barely getting into bed back then (Aye)
Now they want to take credit for all my progress
But i didn't see you during the process
We ain't even on the same team now
Of course I'm treating it like a contest
I ain't coming here to be average
I should make 'em pay more for every ad-lib
I got no patience to ever have kids
Cuz all of yall my sons when it comes to rapping

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