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[Chorus: Travis Scott & Young Thug]
Yup, in my white tee
Yeah, call up Hype Williams for the hype, please
Uh, they gon' wipe you before you wipe me
Unboxing my checks, not my Nikes (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Travis Scott & M.I.A.]
Cacti's, not no iced tea (Ah)
Uh, got 'em bamboozled like I'm Spike Lee (Ah)
Uh, you need more than Google just to find me (Ah)
Uh, I just call her "bae" to get her hyphy (Ah, ooh)
Incredible, i-i-i-in general
I just start the label just to sign me (Woo, woo, woo)
Uh, me and CHASE connected like we Siamese (Woo, woo, woo, ooh, ooh)
Uh, we've been on the run, feel like a crime spree, talk to me nicely (Yeah)
(I seen his face, seen it) Yup, on his white tee, uh (Let's go)

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