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Catégorie : Hip-Hop, Rap

G-Eazy - Wasabi Sonnerie

Only hunnids and fifties, please
Only hunnids and fifties, please

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Rockstar in my skinnies (yeah)
She gon' show me them titties (yeah)
New Ferrari's and Bentley's (yeah)
I'm all night like Denny's (yeah)
Rest in peace Mac Dre (yeah)
Rest in peace Mac Dre (yeah)
Shed a tear on November 1st, will always remember that day (yeah)
Send me pics and I show the team
She bought it all when I sold the dream
Most of y'all don't even know what's clean
I'm in new Gucci and some old Supreme
Been hyphy like 'Way' Perk'
And I'm off the brown when I pour the Heem (yee!, yeah)
Bitch, I'm rich, I pay fifteen hundred just for the jeans (yeah)
Oh my god, I put some M's up in my Chase
All that debt just got erased
Get the fuck out of my face (ayy ayy)
I might go cop a McLaren (ayy)
Just to go run me some errands (ayy)
Bitch, why the fuck is you starin'? (ayy)
Bitch, why the fuck is you starin'?

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