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Immortal – 21 Savage Sonnerie:

Chopper cut you up like Kitana (Ching-ching)
My chopper in the band, it’s a drummer (Drumroll)
Russell Westbrook, I was strikin’ like the Thunder (Woah, woah)
You was somewhere runnin’ ’round whinin’ to your mama (21)
Y’all play conservative, we gon’ send a blitz (Straight up)
I’m the type to catch a tech’, foul, hit him in his shit (On God)
He think he a made man, hit him in the head (Pussy)
Don’t you try to run now, hit him in the leg (Rraow)
People wanna say the stuff I say, but they be scared (Pussy)
Jab turn a lightskin pretty boy red (21)
It’s a fatality if you try to handle me (Yeah)
Real top shotta, don’t you ever try to ramp with me (On God)
Got enough bullets that could kill your whole camp with me (Rrah)
I was bad as hell in school, they even tried to counsel me (21)
I don’t like to talk, don’t you try to tongue-wrestle me (On God)
And my block good, you’ll never get the best of me (Straight up)

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