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Catégorie : Pop, R&B

Sonnerie Shakira - Loca Lyrics

She's playin' dumb all the time
Just to keep it fun
To get you on like (ahh!)
Be careful amigo
She talkin' and walkin' just to work you up
She’d die for your love
But your love’s only mine, boy

Sigo tranquila
Like I’m on a beach in Anguilla
Sippin’ on Corona
Like it’s nothin’ goin' on
I ain’t leavin’ you alone
What is meant for me
No other girl is gonna take
So keep them off

And I’m crazy, but you like it (loca, loca, loca)
You like that it ain’t easy (loca, loca, loca)
I’m crazy but you like it (loca, loca, loca)
Crazy but you like it

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