Télécharger des sonnerie gratuite Snowflakes – Tom MacDonald

Catégorie : Hip-Hop

Téléchargez Des Sonnerie Snowflakes – Tom MacDonald:

Y’all are so fake, oh no
The forecast said that there’d be snowflakes, whoa
You can make us see it your way, no way
Gasoline and propane, more flames, oh no
No more snowflakes
They set us up to fail, that’s what they built the system for
Put an ammunition shop across the street from a liquor store
Empowering women used to be different than this before
The role models got OnlyFans or dance on a stripper pole
Screw it, I ain’t trippin’, I don’t mean to be mean
But if our children are the future, then our future is bleak
They’re taking Adderall to focus, hit McDonald’s to eat
They’re addicted to phones, and they take Xanax to sleep
They blur the lines, dividing communism and democracy
In 2021, we paint the patriots as nazis
The men playin’ women’s sports, get trophies for winning
Like great, let’s celebrate a man for beating some women


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