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Sonnerie SZA – The Weekend Lyrics

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You say you got a girl
And how you want me
How you want me when you got a girl?
The feelin’ is wreckless
Of knowin’ you’re selfish
Knowin’ I’m desperate
Gettin’ all in your love
Fallin’ all over love, like
Do it to last, last
Hanging out the back, all up in your lap
Like is you comin’ home?
Is you out with her?
I don’t care long as you’re here by 10:30
No later than, drop them drawers
Give me what I want
My man is my man is your man
Her, this her man too
My man is my man is your man
Her, that’s her man
Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
I just keep him satisfied through the weekend
You’re like 9 to 5, I’m the weekend
Make him lose his mind every weekend
You take Wednesday, Thursday
Then just send him my way
Think I got it covered for the weekend
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